Molotiu's Abstract Comics Meet the Gallery

Andrei Molotiu has long championed the concept of abstraction, or
non-figurative imagery, in comics, not only in his writings and lectures, but in his art. Those abstract comics presented in the realm of the gallery form one of the more exciting frontiers in the field of gallery comics. Molotiu’s beautiful art, sometimes in frugal black and white, sometimes in lush colors, graces the surface of the canvas or the page. In The Cave series, some prints clearly reveal the grid structure so typical of the comics page - what André Franquin, the famed comic artist who invented the Marsupilami, teasingly called the Belgian waffle grid. Yet, that familiar structure dissolves, with only hints remaining as the viewer progresses metaphorically in the cave. Darkness overcomes and beams of blinding light transform our perception into abstractions. Molotiu presents several other series on his site, some remarkable gallery comics, including the vivid and rhythmic Splashes series and the mysterious Expedition series, which clearly suggests a pursuit, but never reveals the identity of the terrain.


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