Mark Staff Brandl Shares His Gallery Comics CAA Notes

Gallery comic artist Mark Staff Brandl introduced his art during the 94th annual College Art Association conference in Boston last February. His lively talk at the "Gallery Comics" panel (in addition to generating many laughs!) provided great insight into his creative process and his artistic philosophy. Readers can revisit Staff Brandl's presentation notes now posted online. The CAA has also made available CDs and MP3 recordings of the panels, including the audio for the panel "From the Page to the Wall: From Graphic Novels to Gallery Comics."

Journal of the Lincoln Heights Literary Society Reviews Stars, Crosses, and Stripes

Tom Good reviewed "Stars, Crosses, and Stripes" in the Miscellanea and Ephemeron section of the Journal of the Lincoln Heights Literary Society. Good comments, "the challenge is to make the composition work both from across the room and from nearby, so that it invites the viewer to come closer and then provides some reward for doing so. Stars, Crosses & Stripes succeeds at this. [....] The use of the flag as the main visual element invites comparison with Jasper Johns' Flag. [....] The fact that this story told on an American flag turns out to be the story of a Frenchman is another nice twist."


The Great Curve Interviews C Hill

John Parkin, at The Great Curve, interviewed C Hill about gallery comics, "Stars, Crosses, and Stripes," and future projects.
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