International Journal of Comic Art Features Gallery Comics Symposium

Editor John Lent opened the pages of his remarkable academic journal, The International Journal of Comic Art to several essays on gallery comics grouped as a symposium. The latest issue (Fall 2007, vol. 9 no. 2) combines perspectives on gallery comics from artists, art historians, collectors and curators. In the coming weeks, we will share some notes on the essays by Mark Staff Brandl, Joanna Roche, Andrei Molotiu, and C Hill. This latest issue of The International Journal of Comic Art also includes articles on 9/11 comics, comics in Egypt and the Middle-East, Hergé's legacy (real and fabricated), and the relationship of comics and cinema when both media were just beginning (1890s-1910s). And, to the risk of sounding like an ad (!), you can subscribe to two yearly issues of this great journal (more than 1000 pages of expert knowledge from worldwide comics experts) for $30/year ($40/year for libraries and institutions). Professor Lent's labor-of-love is a truly astounding bargain and noble edification of our favorite art form. (Note: the journal's website is a bit behind though -- don't let that confuse you!).
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