Poetry in Sunday Strips by Mark Savary Enchant The Eye

Comic artist, Mark Savary, who self-publishes his strips at the Autumn Lake website created a small set of Sunday or "Sunday-like" pages on the theme of rain. Those depart from his more cartoony anecdotes about a handful of characters living in rural New England. The "Rain" pages capture with grace the subtle, yet sudden shifts in atmosphere and in mood of rainy days in the northeast. Savary paints most of the panels in watercolor, and introduces words sparingly. These pages make beautiful gallery comics, even if they were not intended as such. The page from August 12 reproduced here stands as one of the finest examples. Its lyricism and its powerful, yet so simple and almost abstract imagery echo the emotional resonance of many top-notch landscape paintings. View the largest version of the August 12 page of Autumn Lake to really appreciate its beauty.


Andrei Molotiu Brings Gallery Comics From Outer Space

Judging by Andrei Molotiu's uploaded images on his blotcomics, he has been busy producing new pieces, including some he introduces as "Alien comic strip from Mars!!!"

When you visit Andrei Molotiu's website, it is also worth scrolling down to some 2004 pieces of simply gorgeous abstract color fields patched in gridlike patterns.
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